About Us

We don’t just build apps and engineer software; we build partnerships, and engineer for long-term success.

Our primary goal is to deliver you quick business value, and to remain a true partner throughout your journey as a business. We are proud to foster a culture of continuity and integrity, with many of our customers remaining with us an average of seven years or more.

The Agile Method

We are an agile-based company and believe firmly in the strengths of a distributed-agile setup bolstered by nearshore and offshore development teams. That being said, we are not dogmatic with our methods, and recognize that some projects may require a different approach. Our ultimate goal is to make you successful, and we’re willing to adapt to make that happen.

Our Time in the Industry

We’ve had 15 years of experience in the Software and IT industry since our beginning as a startup. Our team is made of expert engineers, architects, and designers, but we are not a technology-first company. Rather we are a solution-first company. This mindset drives us to solve for the problem at hand using the most appropriate technologies, instead of trying to force a solution to the technology we’ve predetermined. With our highly experienced development team at your back, you’ll be able to scale your organization to meet and exceed your goals.

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