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You have a great idea for a business empowered by software, but there’s a lot to consider when bringing this idea to life. It might be defining a market fit, choosing a technology stack, or deciding how to design and integrate an app or system into your work.

That’s where we come in. With over a decade of experience working with startups, and a proven track record developing software in diverse industries, we’ll work with you every step of the way. Think of us as the technology arm of your company, where you bring the idea, and our teams will make it happen.

Technical Cofounder

The cofounder process

During this phase we do a deep dive into the product features, technical requirements such as security, availability, compliance, etc.. This phase will also drive technology selection, develop-ment team structure, technical architecture and timelines. We’ll drive towards a scope and timeline for a MVP, create a product roadmap, and commence project planning.

Why are we the right partner

Proven Track Record We have successfully worked over a dozen startups (early stage to venture backed in a variety of industries, including healthcare, digital marketing, automotive, retail, legal, education, insurance and high tech. Each one posed it’s own set of challenges, expectations and engagement needs, but our product managers, architects and development teams worked closely with the founders and investors to bring their products to life, and we’ll do the same with you.

Cost Effective With our distributed teams in the timezone of your choice, we bring proven talent at a reasonable cost to your projects. Our experience, process and methodology ensure quality remains the primary focus for our teams while staying efficient in the work.

Flexible Engagement Model We understand that flexibility and a do-whatever-it-takes mindset is key to a startup’s success. A cookie cutter approach or engagement model does not work well in a startup environment. We tailor our engagement model after listening to your specific needs and industry. We are prepared to play very specific role or play that role of a virtual CTO and handle all thing IT and software for you.

Distributed Agile Our Agile based iterative software delivery approach ensures quality while remaining flexible to meet the evolving product product features of a startup. Our focus on working code, short sprints, user-feedback-loop, automation and DevOps ensures that we are exceeding your expectations.

DevOps & Automation We are strong believers in the DevOps principles and the benefits it brings. This is especially true for startups where the various team members have to work closely and build in automation from day 1. This includes adopting a test-driven approach to development, building in CI/CD, test automation and zero touch deployment.

Cloud Native Although we were not born on the cloud, we certainly live in it. Adopting cloud based platforms and services offers our startup customers the quickest and cost effective way to bring their products to live. Using a serverless approach to infrastructure and a pay-as-you-go model for services such as databases, development platforms, security, email, APIs, etc., greatly reduces cost and time while allowing us to focus on your core product and your customer’s experience.

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