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We firmly believe in the strengths of Nearshore development as a tool to help our customers. What this means for you and your business is that by working with us you get an extended team that delivers quality work at a reduced cost, in the time zone of your choosing.

More specifically, nearshore development offers the following advantages:

Similar or identical time zones to yours: Collaboration and remote calls are much easier to schedule with a nearshore team because they are located in time zones adjacent to yours.

Relative Ease of Travel: If an in-person visit is necessary, with nearshore teams a trip is often possible in a day or two, or even in a matter of hours because of geographical proximity.

More Accessible Work Visas: For a person coming from a nearshore team, it is not nearly as difficult to get a work visa than if they had to come from a more distant location.

Shared cultural affinities: Many nearshore companies have similar enough cultures to the US that remote training is made relatively easy. For the same reason, most often there is little to no language barrier, which enables clearer communication from the start of a project.

Access to a broader talent pool: As with any outsourcing, nearshore development grants for access to a large selection of talented engineers, programmers, designers, and so forth. This allows for an extended team that minimizes loss of quality, regardless of timezone.

Established infrastructure and teams: Often a barrier to starting a major project is the up-front cost (both with money and time) of creating a team and supplying that team with necessary workspace and tools. Nearshore allows you to choose teams that have experience working together already, and that have existing infrastructure and tools at their disposal.

Nearshore and Agile

Because of these advantages, we’ve found that nearshore and agile development are a natural fit. Just as the distributed-agile method requires constant and clear communication, the strengths of Nearshore development—particularly timezone benefits and cultural similarities—empowers just that. With our teams in Mexico, we’ve had great success leveraging their talent and availability to bring our customers what they need.

Why Mexico?

Optimal Time Zone: With such close proximity to the U.S, Mexico is an ideal nearshore location for a development team. This not only enables solid communication but saves on travel costs as well. Availability of Quality

Teams: A common misconception is that, because of a more competitive price point, outsourcing leads to a loss of quality. But in fact, Mexico’s universities (such as the well-respected Tecnologíco de Monterrey) graduate thousands of highly skilled IT workers every year. The competitive hiring rates are due to the fact that the cost of living is lower in Mexico than it is in the U.S, and therefore requires fewer resources to hire a team. U.S Work

Visa Availability: Beyond the benefits already mentioned, U.S work visas are quite accessible to nearshore companies like Mexico. Again, this allows for ease of travel when it is necessary to work in-person with certain teams.

We strongly believe that an iterative agile process is key to delivering Quick Business Value for our customers.

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