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Cloud Native


Accelerate your business outcomes with resilient applications built for the modern cloud.

Time to market is shortening ever more rapidly, and it’s imperative that IT organizations keep pace with the business demands of tomorrow. IT organizations have to remain focused on delivering applications rapidly while keeping them secure, compliant, scalable, reliable, and resilient.

This is the minimum standard for any application, as a flaw in any one of those attributes can have significant impact on IT infrastructure, cost, and skillset. Using a cloud’s capabilities can let your IT organization focus on the business rules, architecture and a superior User Experience while letting the cloud provider be responsible for the underlying infrastructure, security etc.

What are cloud native applications?

There are many aspects to being cloud-native including:

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Platform Services
  • Automation
  • Virtualization and Containerization
  • Microservices Architecture
  • APIs
  • Monitoring and Observability

Cloud native applications are built to take advantage of the cloud delivery model.  This essentially means that your application is built using modern cloud technologies and is hosted and managed in the cloud end-to-end. This includes writing code, testing & deploying it, and operating those applications, all in the cloud.

Why cloud native applications matter

With users demanding more and more from the applications they use, applications have become increasingly complex. Users expect zero downtime, cutting edge features, and instant access to information among others.

The same is true of organizations, where it becomes imperative to get ideas to market immediately in order to stay competitive. That’s where Cloud Native becomes a powerful tool, delivering the speed and agility that modern consumers and businesses require.


Cloud as a competitive advantage.

Cloud native enables your organization to switch from IT cost savings to driving business growth.  In the age of everything-is-software, businesses that can quickly build and deliver applications in response to customer needs will be successful.


When infrastructure fails, services suffer. Cloud Native applications are architected for resilience by taking advantage of a cloud’s inherent features. A cloud native focus helps developers and architects design systems that stay online regardless of small-scale disruptions.

Eliminate Vendor Lock-in.

Gone are the days when you had to choose a database vendor, a data warehouse technology, or an on-premise messaging broker. Expensive license fees, implementation cost and on-going maintenance were the norm. Further, it’s even more expensive to migrate off a vendor technology that has either become obsolete or falling behind on new features that the market demands. Cloud native applications avoid these pitfalls by using these technologies as a service. For example if you subscribe to a RDBMS or a messaging service, you don’t care who the vendor is; you’re only concerned that it’s available when you need it and performs the way you expect it to.

Focus on Business Rules

As businesses evolve rapidly, the demand for working software increases and the time frame to deliver the software is constantly shrinking. This puts additional stress on procuring, maintaining and securing IT infrastructure to support these initiatives. With the cloud, application development teams can focus on architecting and delivering software while leaving the infrastructure, software platforms, security and maintenance to the cloud provider.

With Convene, we’ll show you how to rely on the cloud to do the heavy lifting while you and your teams design software that will keep your customers engaged and invested in your product. Click below to see how you can take advantage of the cloud, and partner with us to achieve lasting success!

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